Please bring your own mat to Aloha.

We have cubbies for you to leave your mat if you like.

Otherwise, you may rent mats for $2 per class.

The more you come the better you feel.


Our pricing has gone up to newcomers.
For those who have a package or membership, be assured as long as you continue with your package or membership, the price will never go up. We have folks who bought a package in 2019 and they are still paying the same price!!!!!


The more you come, the better you feel.

The more you come, the better the price.


3 months:

    27 classes   $340   (2 classes/week @$12/class) GREAT PRICE

1 month:

   6 classes   $78       ($13/class) VERY POPULAR  

   5 classes   $70       ($14/class) 

No time limit:

   20 classes   $300   ($15/class) SAVE $60

   10 classes   $160   ($16/class) MOST POPULAR PACKAGE

Packages may be set on auto renew

Packages may be shared with family or friend

Unused classes roll over if on auto renew

Packages may be paused

1 class  $18


   1 week unlimited  $35

   1 year unlimited  $1560

College students:

   10 classes  $100 ($10/class)

Newcomers Special:

5 classes $55  ($11/class)

Give back to Yoga Fund: Need help paying for class?

Talk to Josephine please.

Three Yogis