Please bring your own mat to Aloha. We have cubbies for you to leave your mat if you like. Otherwise, you may rent mats for $2 per class.

Group Classes


We have a great selection of payment options. Students who come the most often get the best pricing!

PACKAGES that auto renew
4 classes/week @ $7/class
buy our 3 MONTH 54 classes for $375

3 classes/week @ $8/class
buy our 3 MONTH 40 classes for $320

2 classes/week @ $9/class
buy our 3 MONTH 27 classes for $243

1 class/week @ $10 or $11/class

buy our 1 MONTH 5 classes for $55
or buy our 1 MONTH 6 classes for $60

Any unused classes roll over!

Want to try our classes for a week?
$25 unlimited for 1 week

Want our easiest BEST DEAL for folks who come often???
$1560 unlimited for 1 year

Do you prefer no time limit to use your package?
20 classes $240
10 classes $140
1 class $16

An added perk, you may share packages with a family member or a friend.
Monday at 6:00 is always $10
Friday at 5:30 is always $10

Are you an Antioch or KSC or River Valley student?
We have a special package for you!
$50/10 classes

Cannot afford any of the above options?
Message or talk to Josephine.

Aloha has a “Give Back to Yoga Fund”

Private Classes