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Envision You

A Virtual Retreat
Sunday, January 17, 2021
Sister Retreat, Sunday, June 20, 2021
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
$65 for one date $108 for both

Join Michelle Davis and Jim Butler for a healing and transformative practice featuring yoga, a creative process, and a guided healing chakra sound-bath. Envision You, a mini virtual retreat experience- will help you root into yourself and cultivate intention for greater wellness and personal abundance. Michelle will guide you through a journaling process featuring 5 pillars of well-being- balanced emotions, spiritual awareness, physical wellness, transformative creativity, and financial abundance. You will create your own 2021 Vision Board- a representation of inspirational images and words to motivate and keep you focused on your goals and to support your desired wellness practices. Envision You is a transformative retreat experience to aid you in releasing outworn habits and patterns and instill positivity. The retreat package includes an essential oil blend*, chakra and mantra handout, and chakra audio recordings to use to support transformative personal development and healing.

Envision You- cultivate practices that inspire transformation 
– Journaling- 5 pillars of well being 
– Emotional, spiritual, physical, creativity, financial abundance
– Vision Board- participants need to prep this in advance.
– EO Blend- pick up at Aloha* (see more below)
– Gentle practice yoga practice- move energy, breathe and release the past
– Focus on the first 3 chakras- stability, creativity, personal power
– Conclude w/Healing chakra sound bath

Envision You Sister Retreat
Celebrate 6 months of transformation and gather to plant seeds of intention for the remainder of the year.
– EO blend
– new soundtrack
– Reflective Journaling 5 pillars of wellness

Yoga practice, includes guided visualization practice “My Garden” which focuses on 4 chakras- love, communication, intuition, union with divine (spiritual) and concludes with a healing chakra sound bath.

Both workshops include:
– Chakra handout
– Mantra handout
– Sounds tracks for each chakra
– EO blend pick-up at Aloha, if you’re unable to pick up, we can’t guarantee mail delivery at this time due to pandemic, an EO recipe blend will be offered for DIY.

*pick up at Aloha or DIY recipe will be included for those who live away and are unable to pick up)

Investment $108 prepay both or $65 each date.

 Jim Butler is the creator/composer of the Deep Energy Podcast. With over 30 million downloads, it is one of the most popular New Age music podcasts in the world. To learn more information about Jim and listen to his podcast please visit his website at

Bio for Michelle is an Esthetician, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Instructor. She is the owner of Essential Wellness Holistic Day Spa. To learn more information about Michelle and see what other services she offers, please visit her website at

To book both dates, buy a package called “envision you” on our website.

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Didgeridoo Journey Meditation

POSTPONED until further notice

1:00pm – 2:30pm
$35 online $40 at the door

This workshop offers an introduction to the therapeutic principles of the didgeridoo and a basic overview of journeying/meditation. The meditation consists of a 50-minute didgeridoo journey followed by group sharing and question and answer time.
The didgeridoo keys selected for this meditation are played for longer durations and chosen for their ability to support journeying, meditation, visioning, and intention-manifestation.

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