Our Story

JC and Josephine met in 1971. They both had graduated college: Josephine in North Carolina and JC in Iowa. They joined the Peace Corps and were assigned to the South Pacific. They got married in Hawaii 10 weeks after meeting each other. YES, and still loving each other daily.

They served as volunteers in the Peace Corps in Samoa. They felt that they had landed in paradise. Their first child was born a year before they finished their three years of service. Those were certainly romantic days.  Living in a thatched roof home with no walls and simply lifting our heads in the morning to watch the sunrise over the Pacific.

From Samoa, they moved to the Keene area for JC to get his Master’s degree in education at Antioch. They bought 12 acres of land to build a passive solar home and to make their nest for what turned out to be four children. They lived a simple life close to the land and after the nest was empty and when they could have moved to faraway places if their heart desired. They decided to stay in the Monadnock region.

Now into their wisdom years. They want to give back to the community from which has offered them such richness for a good quality of living.  JC bought the old Red Cross building and renovated it. Re-purposing a tired building feels so good. There are 9 offices rented by wellness practitioners. JC is happy to go to 83 Court daily. Josephine is happy to have a community room to house her yoga classes and workshops. Other teachers and practitioners in the wellness field have joined Josephine and JC to create Aloha Keene.