Thank you to all our students who contributed to our Donation to the Hundred Nights Shelter.
If you came to Josephine’s Outdoor class this summer, you contributed, as all monies that came in for these classes went to Hundred Nights. If you came to Yoga Nidra with Caitlin, you contributed. Some of you kindly contributed on Giving Day after Thanksgiving. If you bought a necklace or an ornament from Trich’s Treasures during Plaid Friday, you contributed to Hundred nights.
We raised close to $1000. Aloha simply rounded it up to an even $1000 for Hundred Nights.

Aloha has a mission which includes helping the community at large.  Support for local non profits and other local businesses is top on our list.  Though we at Aloha are a for profit business, we give away our profits to help people.  
   Josephine is in her wisdom years and keeps no monetary value from her teaching or managing a yoga center.  When Josephine began teaching yoga, she was still in her householder stage of life and needed the extra income to support their four children. But even then, she vowed to give away 10% of all that she made to support the arts for children. She began the scholarship fund at Moco Arts, called the Moving Company then. The value in her teaching now comes to Josephine in watching yoga do its magic for folks.  

Following is a list of the non profits which Aloha has supported.

Hundred Nights Shelter

Cheshire County Historical Society

Peterborough Players

Keene Chorale

Apple Hill

Chesterfield Old Home Day


The Sustainability Project

MAPS Counseling Services

Keene High teachers basket

Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention

NH Dance Institute

Machina Kitchen

Harris Center

Monadnock Conservancy

Leaf Charter School

Monadnock Humane Society


Salvation Army

Sustainability Hub

Feeding Tiny Tummies

Distant Hill

Stonewall Farms

Josephine, in her wisdom years, is generous with her time and with what limited knowledge she has accumulated about yoga over the 50 plus years of practice and study. At this stage of her life she enjoys teaching teacher training courses. These 2 pics were taken in Bali.
While back home, Josephine enjoys teaching yoga classes and workshops to our local yoga community. The pic is taken at Aloha in the Coral room. Josephine is teaching with her dear friend Prema Mayi chanting.